Monday, March 10, 2014

Riptide 765 for sale!

We designed Helter Skelter in 2003 to the New Zealand sportboat rule for yachtsman Phil Jameson.  Phil built the boat to a high standard using vacuum bagged carbon/epoxy laminates.  Helter Skelter has pretty much been the boat to beat in the New Zealand sportboat class ever since.  With her easy lines and well balanced rig/appendage package the 765 is fun, quick and easy to handle over a broad range of conditions.  She recently won the sportboat division at the Bay of Islands race week.  
The link to Helter on our website is here: Bieker 765.
We have designed a new sportboat for Phil and he needs to sell Helter in order to finance the final stage of the new boats build. A link to that boat is here: Jameson 650
Enquiries about the boat can be addressed to Phil at this address: Phil Jameson

Monday, December 30, 2013

Congratulations to Wild Oats XI for another

Sydney Hobart Line Honors Win!

Wild Oats XI successfully repeated her 2012 Sydney Hobart Line Honors performance in this years edition of the race against a formidable group of contenders.  Wild Oats XI was sporting the Bieker engineered daggerfoils, forward daggerboard  and ballast bulb fins from last year as well as a new Bieker Engineered side foil.   Wild Oats XI is now a veritable swiss army knife of appendage options but this package allows her to adapt to a broad range of sailing conditions - a crucial capability in this years race.

Friday, December 20, 2013


It has been a long gestation process, but we have finally finished the majority of the design and lofting work for the Jester class proa.  Attached is the Sailplan and Arrangements for the boat.  We also have the construction drawings for the Hull, Ama and Beams completed.  The foil and composite part drawings will be done soon.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Bieker Boats!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

32' Proa Parts Lofted

It took a while but we have found time to carefully work through the lofting of the new proa.  The picture above shows the 3D solid model of the lofted boat. This includes details such as puzzle jointed butt joints between parts (rather than scarffs) and tabs on the frames with matching slots in the hull shells to help make the boat self-jigging.  The following image shows the nested parts:

The total nested materials are: (15) sheets 6mm ply, (11) sheets 9mm ply, (10) sheets 1/2" 80kg/cubic m cross-linked PVC foam, (2) sheets 1/4" foam, (1) sheet 1" foam, mdf sheets for mold frames and some carbon cplate.

The appendages (daggerboard and rudders) have also been engineered and partially lofted.  Now we are on to producing the construction drawings for the boat!

Friday, September 27, 2013



It was an epic battle on San Francisco Bay - ending in an eight race Oracle Team USA winning streak to win the Cup after being down 8-1 in a first to 9 event.  It was a hard won regatta - both on the water and in the shop.

The experience of being in a team that "gutted" its way through from almost sure failure to success was a great learning experience.  The Team improved the speed of the boat enough to achieve dominance through changes in sailing technique, wing trim, and hull/appendage modifications.  It is a lesson in the strengths of a diverse team that stays loose and is willing to make changes and take risks. The AC72 foils that we engineered for Oracle Team USA are the most highly stressed parts that Bieker Boats has designed.


A few of our projects:

Interceptor ramps on the hull sterns to increase lift on the aft section of the boat during maneuvers and upwind "skimming":

Rudder/hydrofoil intersection cavitation fairings to reduce total rudder drag by approximately 30kgf at higher speeds:

The Guys who didn't give up:


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Progress on the Commuter Cat

Progress continues on pace in Seattle on the 26-foot plywood commuter cat being built by Gordy and Judy Cole.